Sell Your Antiques, Collectibles and Bullion to us

Coins & Currency


Do you have old coins gathering dust?

You could be sitting on a gold mine!

In 2009, we found an extremely rare penny that auctioned for over six figures. We have paid over $12,000 for a US silver dollar, and paid over $40,000 for some collections. Not every penny or silver dollar is worth that but you never know!

If you have old coins such as pre 1965 Dimes, Quarters and half dollars they are 90% silver and worth many times more than the face value. If you're not sure if it's worth anything, just bring them in and we will let you know. No obligation to sell. No collection is too big or too small.

We also buy foreign money and old paper money.

Coin Tip: Please do not clean coins. I would rather get dirty hands than you destroy the coins value.


Watches & Pocket Watches

We specialize in pre-owned Rolexes* and buy all brands of luxury watches from Anonimo to Zodiac.


Some old watches are very collectible and valuable, working or not. It does not have to be a Rolex, it could be an old Bulova or a watch that you assume is not worth anything.

Bring them in and we will let you know the value. They could be useful for just parts or be easily repaired.

We have collectors around the world looking for old watches.

Antiques & Collectibles

Cooper Enterprises has connections around the world with collectors and auction houses.

Have you wondered if that item you have in the attic or garage is worth anything?
Now is the time to find out.

Silver Flatware, Old Musical Instruments, Military items, old Guns, Swords, Antique Toys and Dolls, Train sets, Comics, Sports memorabilia, Vintage Motor Cycles, Telephones and brand named luggage.

Gold & Silver Bullion

We buy bullion & broken jewelery.